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Digital Marketing Gameplan

Digital Marketing Gameplan

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In this downloadable, 67-page PDF you will learn:

  • How to easily create your DFY digital product using this very guide! (tweak it, rename it, make it yours!)

  • Your clients can also resell it as their own!

  • How to set up your online shop so that you can deliver your product with ease and automation!

  • How to market your product using Instagram, freebie(s), & 7 plug-and-play email templates.

  • How to use an automated system to bring in daily sales (even while you’re hanging with your family, out with the girls or sleeping!)

Inside this Gameplan you will find:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to get everything set up!

  • Goal Setting

  • How to Figure out your Target Audience

  • Branding Tips

  • Content Ideas

  • Guide to setting up your Stan Store

  • Marketing and scaling your business on Instagram

  • Benefits of Email Marketing

  • 7x Copy & Paste emails for you to use as your own

  • And everything you need to get started, including your first digital product,which is this guide itself!

If you follow the steps inside, you will not only come out on the other side with digital products FULLY READY TO SELL, but you will also have an actual funnel and strategy for bringing in the sales!

This is for you if:

  • You have started digital marketing already but struggling to find other digital products to sell & add to your digital product suite

  • Beginner looking to get into selling digital products but not sure where to start and you're not ready to invest in a course!

  • Doing MRR and want to offer a low/medium ticket product alongside the course!

Frequently Asked Questions:

DO YOU OFFER REFUNDS? There are NO refunds due to this being a digital download. Please look over everything thoroughly before purchasing!

CAN I RESELL THIS DIGITAL PRODUCT? YES! This Item includes Master Resell Rights & PLR. Rename, rebrand & resell. + pass on resell rights to your customers.

WHAT’S INCLUDED WITH MY PURCHASE? You will receive a pdf with links to the digital product(s) listed on the sales page above.

CAN I EDIT THE DIGITAL PRODUCTS? YES! You can change fonts, colors, pictures, etc. It's yours to rebrand how you want! You MUST change the cover + name if you intend to resell this digital product.

IS THERE A MINIMUM PRICE I HAVE TO RESELL IT FOR? NO! There is no minimum price required.

DID YOU CREATE THIS DIGITAL PRODUCT FROM SCRATCH? No. This playbook was created by a fellow digital marketer and sold with MRR/PLR. I just rebranded it for my audience.



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