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My 50K Course Launch Blueprint (Ebook + Video)

My 50K Course Launch Blueprint (Ebook + Video)

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The Manifesting CEO |50K Course Launch Blueprint

Presents Have you ever thought about turning your expertise into passive income? If not, you absolutely should add a digital e-book or online course to your business offerings. The truth is, so many people crave information that can help them get to the next level. Since you are full of information and knowledge, what better way to earn money while you sleep than to create a digital product that will help someone else reach their goals in the process? 

Think about every time someone asks you to show them something or tell them how to start a process that you have mastered. That knowledge you are sharing for free could be easily organized and monetized.

In this ebook and masterclass, I am giving you my blueprint of what I did to surpass $33,000 in Ebook sales and  $50,000 in course launches. When I first started in 2019, I earned anywhere from $5-10k per launch. To date, I have been able to repeatedly hit a minimum of $50,000 each time and now I am sharing how I did it with marketing. 

This The Manifesting CEO Ebook & Masterclass is for you if:

  • You are a business owner with expertise in a specific industry
  • You don’t have a business but have a special skill that you could teach someone else step-by-step
  • You are seeking passive income and want to learn how to monetize it 
  • You are ready to create your plan for launching within the next 30-90 days

If you are asking yourself,  “what are some of the potential industries that are ideal for digital product creation?” The answer is ALL OF THEM!

(Healthcare, short-term rentals, real estate, car dealership owners, commercial cleaning owners, boutique owners, credit repair, fitness instructors, foreign language teachers, trucking industry, photographers, estheticians, chefs, event space owners, herbalists, and so many more...)


In this Ebook & Masterclass:

  • I show you quickly how to determine your niche or area of focus
  • I discuss various ways to quickly build your audience 
  • I provide you with easy low-tech ways to create and deliver your digital product.
  • I share ways to outsource and get your digital product created within days.
  • I provide various ways to market your digital product
  • Plus so much more!


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